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Our Story

BACKBEAT is a company focused on bringing designs to life through the manufacturing process.


To build up BACKBEAT,we have formed the best team. Everyone has a specialty for each steps of production. We take your product from raw material to your customershands.


Many customers will face difficulty in production that we can alleviate. We have taken product from concept all the way to fashion show.


BACKBEAT is ready to stand up for you. We have the industry know-how and connections to factories to bring your ideas from your minds to the customershands.


We are striving to make BACKBEAT the link between designers and manufacturers. If you have any questions,lets us help you to actualize it.

BACKBEAT 是一個多角化經營的服裝公司,我們有自己的同名品牌,同時我們也協助服裝代工生產。