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How to Produce

We are happy to work with people who have passion in fashion. Brands, Bloggers, everyone who wants to do his/her original design are welcome! 

Production by Backbeat is EASY!


1. Please provide your sketch, reference photo, your selling price, every single detail of your idea and mail to: If your information is incomplete, no worry, we could take sometime to discuss it. We also will provide our advise as well.

2. We will provide the quotations and fabric swatch.

3. After confirmation of price and fabric, we go sampling.


4.Once sample is confirmed. We will arrange production.

5. The production is done. You could start selling your great design of cloth to your consumers.




1. 將您的畫稿、參考圖、樣衣以及您販售牌價等等資訊mail至

2. 我們將提供報價及相對應的布料給您參考。

3. 報價及布料確認後,我們將進行打樣。

4. 打樣確認後,進行生產。

5. 生產完成,可以將您的設計販售給消費者。